Water Operations

Comprehensive Water + Wastewater Solutions

Our experienced water and wastewater operators are ready to professionally manage your systems in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Our operators can oversee the water and wastewater operations at your facility.  This could include regular water testing, state compliance, pump downs, or general operation.

With Water Operations up to Grade 4B and Wastewater Operations up to Grade 2, our team can operate almost any system in Vermont and New Hampshire.


Certified Water System Operator Services

  • Compliance Sampling

  • Certified Back-up Operator

  • Interim Operations Back-up Operator

  • Vacations, Holidays, Etc

  • Water System Evaluations and Consultations

  • Compliance Review

  • Source Protection Plan (SPP) Updates, Waivers

  • Chemical Treatment Systems

  • Meter Reading Assistance

  • Pump Station Maintenance

Wastewater System Solution

  • System Evaluations and Consultations

  • Pump and Controls Evaluations, Maintenance, Design, and Planning

  • Full Water or Wastewater Plant Operations

  • Interim Operations

  • Monitoring Well Sampling

  • Water or Wastewater System Management Services

Home Works

  • Home System Evaluations

    • Septic or Water Systems

  • In-home Water Tests

  • Realtor, Bank Mortgage Water Sampling Services

  • Water Filtration

    • Water Filters, Treatment, Chemical Inspection


Fire Hydrant Painting