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Get Better SCADA Service
with Periscope

Full Service, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance


What can you expect with Periscope?

  1. Highest Level of Cybersecurity: Periscope's security beats government best practices (seen below), ensuring that your data and operations are protected, keeping your facility safe and secure (unlike a system like LogMeIn).

  2. Remote Servicing by Expert Programmers: Our programmers can remotely service your SCADA system, providing fast support while limiting on-site visits

  3. Service Response within One Working Day: With Periscope, you'll have access to the quickest support possible, ensuring your plant runs smoothly

Connectivity Network Security

  • Fully embedded edge-to-edge cyber security

  • Private and Invisible from the Internet

  • No Static IP 

  • Existing Corporate & Cloud Firewall Friendly

  • Complete IT/OT Network Segmentation

  • No 3rd party cloud routing

  • 1-1 NAT, DHCP, VLAN Support, MAC Filtering, Proxy Support

  • Networks 256 Bit AES Encrypted

  • All access Physical-First MFA

  • Embedded Firewall

  • 4096 BIT RSA Key Encryption

  • Exceeds DISA, TSA, DHS, and NIST Standards

Cloud Security

  • Data encrypted at rest

  • Continuous backups

  • Tier 4 Data Center

  • SOC 2 Compliant

  • FedRamp Certified

  • GovCloud Certified


Periscope Security

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