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Pumps and Controls Specialists

Homa Wastewater Pump

Specializing in Municipal Water and Wastewater Pumps, Controls, Treatment, and Service.

Champlin Associates is committed to providing solutions for water and wastewater applications. We specialize in understanding and supporting the complete operation of water flow from pumps, controls, monitoring instrumentation, filtration, VFDs, tank levels, pump runs, to analytics. 

We supply service for installations, technical troubleshooting, pumping solutions, and will help design complex water operations.


Whatever your water or wastewater needs, give Champlin Associates a call.

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Sustainable Municipal Wastewater Treatment

We Do More Than Just Pumps

Champlin Associates does much more than just supply pumps.  Between our years of experience and our deep connections in the water and sewer world, we help find solutions for any of your water or wastewater needs.  We can supply and maintain water and wastewater controls, cellular telemetry, screening, filtration, blowers, wastewater treatment, and much more.

In addition to supplying the right equipment for the right job, our highly skilled staff can design, install, service, and maintain equipment and systems.  Throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, our technicians are ready to service your water or wastewater system.

We are excited to bring new water and sewer technology to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.  We believe in supplying cutting-edge technology at the best price with the best service.  

Whenever you think of water or sewer, think of Champlin Associates.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5pm
Sat: Closed
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